Responsible travel promotes the sustainable development of destinations by minimising negative impacts and maximising positive ones for both the environments we operate in, and the people living in them. A steadfast commitment to responsible travel is vital to our ethos.


Our comprehensive sustainability rating system for Hotels, Tours and Experiences empowers travellers to maximise the positive benefits of their travels by staying in responsible hotels and taking part in activities that have been deemed to be exceptionally beneficial to local people and environments.

Responsible Hotels

Our teams regularly carry out self-assessments and on-site inspections before classifying hotels into being Eco-friendly or Socially Aware.

Responsible Tours

Leave our destinations better than we find them with these tours that have been evaluated based on our responsible travel criteria.

Responsible Experiences

Make a long-lasting positive impact on these half day, full day or evening excursions that fit into one or more of our five responsible travel categories.



Being based in Southeast Asia, we understand that climate change is real because we see its effects every day across our destinations.

Simply put, action is needed. Rising to the occasion, we’ve become the first DMC in Asia to strive for carbon neutrality. Not just for our offices and staff, but also by offering Carbon Neutral Holidays to our clients and their guests.


Treading lightly means reducing our footprint in destinations.

This entails anything from turning off idling engines and selecting eco-friendly transportation to using biodegradable cleaning products, properly disposing waste or recycling when possible.

Additionally, we carefully vet all our suppliers to ensure their practices are in line with our environmental standards while encouraging guests to select eco-friendly accommodation which we can happily arrange.


One of the things that makes Asia such a fascinating and exciting place is the boundless opportunities there are for cultural exchange. To celebrate this, we’ve worked hard to integrate immersive and mutually beneficial cultural experiences in all our tours.

Although similar at first glance, cultures, traditions and customs across Asia can vary substantially. For the most enriching experiences possible, we always encourage guests and clients to keep an open mind and respect local cultures.