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Myanmar Information

Overview  |  History  |  Sightseeing

Myanmar is a country of magnificent, ancient Buddhist temples, friendly people, wide fast flowing rivers, lush mountain forests, intriguing cities and vastly contrasting landscape. With more temples than tourists, Myanmar’s spirit is sure to touch any visitor who comes with an open mind. Travelling to Myanmar is not only a voyage into a different geographic region, but also a voyage into another time. Each destination within the country offers an attractive and varied view into its history and development.

The mighty Irrawaddy River flows 2000 kilometres through the centre of the country, giving it life and witnessing its history. This colourful, aquatic highway reveals ways of life that remain relatively unchanged for centuries. With 1600 navigable kilometres, the Irrawaddy offers one of the greatest inland water exploration areas on the planet.

Downtown Yangon, the small yet busy capital, radiates out from the golden stupa of Sule Pagoda, the proud centrepiece of the city. The 2000 year old Sule Pagoda is Yangon’s centre of worship, bustling with humanity, monks and merchants. The pagoda’s golden dome towers at 48 metres high and contains a hair given by the Buddha himself to two Burmese brothers. The spiritual heart of Yangon is the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda. While Sule is a single pagoda, Shwedagon is an impressive temple compound set ablaze by the tropical sun.

Pagan is one of the greatest historical areas in the country, best visited at sunrise or sunset. This holy terrain was once home to 13,000 pagodas; now less than 3,000 remain.

Marvellous Mandalay, an ancient royal city rich in palaces, pagodas, and temples is the main centre of Buddhism and Burmese arts, offering fantastic craft markets and stone-carving workshops. The breathtaking view of sunset atop Mandalay Hill is not to be missed.

From the hill tribes that live much as they did hundreds of years ago to the vibrant capital of Yangon, Myanmar has a lot to offer. Sightseeing opportunities abound and there is a lot to both see and do in this colourful country where time seems to have stood still.

Overview  |  History  |  Sightseeing

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