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Do and Don't
1. Cross the road in a busy city like a local, one step at a time

2. Delve into the bustling markets, the life-blood of every community

3. Meet the minorities, a multicolored mosaic of mountain people

4. Play tram phan tram (100%) or bottoms up with the local in a backstreet bar

5. See the sunrise over the South China Sea from a beautiful beach

6. Turn down the volume and meander down the Mekong by sampan

7. Wander through the emerald-green paddy fields to discover rural Vietnam.

8. Tipping: It is customary, though not compulsory, to tip tour guides and drivers at the end of tours. Hotel porters and restaurant waiters should also be tipped.

9. Respect local dress standards: shorts to the knees, women’s tops covering the shoulder, particularly at religious sites. Always remove your shoes before entering a temple. Nude sunbathing is considered totally inappropriate, even on beaches.

10. The traditional Vietnamese form of greeting is to press your hands together in front of your body and bow slightly. These days, the Western customs of shaking hands has almost completely taken over.

1. Antiques are easy to buy in Viet Nam but It does not allow bringing out of Viet Nam.

2. Like the Chinese & Japanese, Vietnamese strictly maintain clean floors and it’s usual to remove shoes when entering somebody’s home. It’s rude to point the bottom of your feet towards other people. Never, ever point your feet towards anything sacred, such as a Buddha image.

3. As a form of respect to elderly or other esteemed people, such as monks, take off your hat and bow your head politely when addressing them. In Asia, the head is the symbolic highest point – never pat or touch an adult on the head.

4. Don't show much money, jewelry, or expensive belongings while walking around in big cities, which may attract the pick-pockets.

5. Don’t eat much raw vegetable and don’t drink ice not from a good source of water.

6. Don’t drink water from the tap

7. Leaving a pair of chopsticks sitting vertically in a rice bowl looks very much like the incense sticks that are burned for the dead. This is a powerful sign and is not appreciated in Asia.

8. Don’t bring a lot to Vietnam! As Vietnam has pretty much anything you can find back home but at lower prices. All the soaps are cheap & plentiful, and clothing, shoes & backpacks are all manufactured in Vietnam & available at a snip.

9. Don’t miss Vietnamese food

10. Do not exchange money on the street.

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