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Travel Tips
Banks: 08-11:30AM & 01-04PM – Mon.-Fri. 08-11:30AM – Sat.
Bars: 05PM or 06PM-Midnight or 01AM
Businesses & shops: 07AM or 08AM-05PM or 06PM – Mon-Sat.; Most also open no Sun.
International restaurants: 11AM-02PM & 05PM or 06PM-10PM Or 11PM
Local restaurants: 06AM-09PM
Supermarkets: 10AM-10PM
Temples & Pagodas: 05AM-09PM

All regular phone numbers have an area code followed by a seven or eight digit number.
Ambulance 115
Police 113
Fire service 114
Country code 84
International access code 00
Directory assistance 1080
Hanoi are code 04
Hochiminh area code 08

Hello Xin chào
Goodbye Tạm biệt
Thank you Cám ơn
I (don’t) understand Tôi (không) hiểu
How much is it? Bao nhiêu vậy?
Yes Vâng (North)/Dạ (South)
No Không

New Year’s Day (Tet Duong Lich) 01 January
Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan) Lasting from the 01st to 07th days of the 01st moon. Falls in late Jan. or early Feb.
Liberation Day (Saigon Giai Phong) 30 April
International Worker’s Day 01 May
National Day 02 September

TOP 10
Vietnam’s cuisine is full of sensual flavors, subtle aromas and super-fresh ingredients. Bia hoi (beer) is a new tea, but in the mountains it is all about ruou (rice wine).
1. Bia hoi – the world’s cheapest draught beer keeps on flowing
2. Ca phe – Caffeine cravers unite: Vietnam’s coffee has a real kick
3. Cao lau – Hoi An’s answer to fried noodles, made with water from the well
4. Nem – sprig rolls are the country’s most famous export, fried or fresh
5. Nuoc mam – fermented fish sauce, the pungent secret of Vietnamese cuisine
6. Pho bo – rice noodle soup with beef, the meal that built a nation
7. Rau muong – just the thing on a glorious morning, with a dash of garlic and chilli
8. Thit cho – dog lover has a whole different meaning in the part of the world
9. 333 – ba ba ba, learn to count with the leading local beer in the south
10. Ruou – the local firewater, particularly potent is the “five times a night” variety

1. Cu Chi Tunnels
2. Mekong Delta
3. Cruise Ha Long Bay
4. Water Puppet Shows
5. War Museum – Saigon
6. Enjoy the fabulous cuisine
7. The Old Quarter – Hanoi
8. Beach Location
9. Hanoi Cooking Experience
10. Side trip to Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Travel is not just about visiting, it’s about experiencing. Try to get beneath the skin of the country: this can take any shapes or forms. It might be a culinary adventure or a walk on the wild side. It could be a cultural encounter or perhaps spiritual enlightenment.


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