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Vietnam is no stranger to war, even before the Americans tried to keep the northern communists from taking the south. The Chinese, Japanese and French have all occupied parts of the country at one time or another.

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Vietnam’s history goes back to around 700 BC. The country was largely under the control of Chinese-based dynasties between 111 BC until 938 AD, after which Vietnam regained independence.

The Japanese briefly occupied Vietnam during WWII, after they had expelled the French. France tried to continue to rule after the war, but they failed and the country was split under the Geneva Accords with the premise that it would be reunited democratically.

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The partitioning ultimately led to the Vietnam War, civil war, and Cold War assignations. The Soviet Union and People's Republic of China backed the communist North while the US supported the South. The war spanned the early 60s into the 1970s. After millions of Vietnamese deaths and thousands of dead American soldiers, along with unrest at home, the Americans withdrew in 1973 with Saigon falling to the North in 1975.

After reunification Vietnam isolated itself further due to its continued part in the Cold War and the subsequent invasion of Cambodia. It wasn’t until 1986 that the Communists lightened their political and economic agenda and the country began to prosper.

Tourism is today a significant earner for Vietnam and the number of tourists visiting the country has been rising since the 1990s. Significant funds have gone into building a tourist infrastructure and improving facilities at the beaches.

Overview  |  History  |  Sightseeing

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