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When to go?
When it comes to weather, it’s a tough call, as Vietnam’s climate is so diverse. Think frosts and occasional snow in the mountains of the North, and temperatures soaring to 40oC in the south during the dry season.

Vietnam’s weather is dictated by two monsoons, meaning double trouble on the rain front. The winter monsoon comes from the northeast between Oct. & Mar., bringing damp and chilly winters to all area north of Nha Trang, and dry and warm temperatures to the south. From April to Oct., the summer monsoon brings hot, humid weather to the whole country except for those areas sheltered by mountains. For those sticking to the south, Nov. to Mar. is dry and a touch cooler.

It gets pretty crowded from Nov. to Mar. and in July & Aug. during high season. Domestic tourists are a major force now & they tend to travel in numbers during July and August as well. Prices peak over the Christmas & Mew year period. May & Sept. are usually the quietest months.

Some travelers like to time a visit with Tet (Vietnamese New Year), the biggest festival in the calendar, which falls in late Jan or early Feb. It’s a nice idea in principle, but not in practice, as the whole country is on the move and prices rise dramatically, most shops & businesses ate closed for the best part of a week.

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